Smiley Face Clip Art

You’ve written the best love message for your girlfriend but you are not too sure whether it sounds convincing enough? Don’t worry then, there’s a better way to mean what you say – Smiley Face Clip Art is the answer!

The yellowish looking clip arts can say more than your words can express. There’s no one who do not get excited when they see a smiley face clip art is included in a message written to them, especially when the smiley is relevant to the message. As 3-d smiley face clip art is getting more popular, messages are better conveyed with these thrilling larger smileys.

I noticed that my boyfriend was always passive about my messages no matter the special love words I use. Not until Jennifer my closest girlfriend suggested that I include smileys when sending him messages. I was reluctant at her suggestion but decided to try it out. And guess what? My boyfriend replied immediately saying that for the first time, my message meant more than ordinary words to him! He said the first thing that caught his attention was the “hugging smiley face clip art”. Since then, I have learnt to download free smiley face clip arts and retrieve anyone that best suits the message I want to send to him. My favorite site for free smileys is I’ve also explored other free smiley face clip art websites.

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